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Environmental Projects


Environmentally Beneficial

All parts of the system are fully recyclable The fabric will never require decorating 


Efficient use of raw materials, packaging & transportation      Cleaning liquids can be biodegradable
Non Toxic & Cadmium Free Life Expectancy 20+ Years
No Emissions of FCH and FCCH Extends cleaning intervals
No Site Wastage  





It is Stretch Ceilings objective to excel in our responsibility to minimise the negative impact on the environment by way of sourcing sustainable and fully recyclable products, whilst maintaining efficient installation processes.

We are pleased to advise that due to our continued commitment towards our products sustainability we are able to offer considerable benefits with regards to environmental issues. Consideration has been given from the initial fabrication of the fabric to the end use and finally disposal of the product, i.e a full life cycle analysis.

Stretch Ceilings is a proud member of the UK Green Building Council. “Our mission is to dramatically improve the sustainability of the built environment, by radically transforming the way it is planned, designed, constructed, maintained and operated”

By reducing the use of valuable resources (up to 95% less when compared to conventional building practices) we can achieve technically innovative projects whilst preserving the world around us for future generations.


Environmental Policy

The policy of Stretch Ceilings is to commit to setting and reviewing environmental objectives for continual improvement and protection of the environment whilst minimising waste at every opportunity.

Our companies have offered a full installation service for the Stretch Ceilings materials since 1988 throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland and for the Marine industry worldwide. We are now also able to offer a 12 year guarantee on all new products.

Stretch Ceilings is a quality assured business to the exacting standard of ISO 9001, all our sales staff, installers and supervisors are directly employed and certified CSCS. We are active and responsible members of SPATA – The Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association, members of AIS – the Association of Interior Specialists and members of CHSG – Construction Health and Safety Group. We are also proud members of the UK Green Building Council.

We will comply with applicable legal requirements and with other requirements to which our organisation subscribes, points to note are:

• With a typical weight of only 0.17kg per square metre, the Stretch Ceilings material is manufactured from the smallest possible amounts of raw material, thus restricting consumption of natural resources and is guaranteed cadmium free.

• Due to the membrane being light weight; large panels (e.g. 50 sq m) of Stretch can be compressed into small recycled packages for transportation, thus reducing the negative impact on the environment of packaging waste and transportation pollution.

• Due to the panels being available in such large monolithic panels this dramatically reduces the amount of substructure or metal hanging systems required to suspend many other alternative suspended ceiling systems.

• Smoke and Toxicity tests carried out on Stretch Ceilings products by the International Maritime Organisation confirm that the material is well within acceptable limits and in accordance with their Resolution MSC 61 (67) 1996.

• All parts of the Stretch Ceilings system are 100% recyclable. If clients wish to change/replace a ceiling panel we can arrange to take back old panels and any other Stretch Ceilings components. These will then be sent to a recycling company for reprocessing and further use as carpet underlay, piping and similar PVC-based products.

• When the aluminium perimeter track or joining rails are no longer required these should be carefully demounted and returned to Stretch Ceilings for use on other projects or recycling. We rely on the environmental policies of our clients to co-operate with us in this matter.

• Stretch Ceilings are virtually maintenance free, for example it will never require painting. Cleaning may be achieved using liquids supplied by Stretch Ceilings, which is an evaporative cleaning agent soluble in water and is non flammable, contains no phosphates and is 90% biodegradable.

• Installation of Stretch Ceilings beneath existing ceilings will reduce volumes to be heated in domestic and commercial buildings, with a corresponding reduction in consumption of energy from electricity, gas, coal or oil.

• Due to the Stretch Ceiling being fully bespoke and made to measure there is very little site wastage with the installation of the product. Any off cuts can be recycled or reused as samples.

" Bespoke Ceilings since 1988 "

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