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Stretch Diffuser

Create a fantastic, evenly illuminated, architectural environment to suit your needs – cool and clean or loud and colourful.

Stretch Ceilings offer a vast array of different colours and finishes which allow you the opportunity to create both tasteful renovations and stunning lighting effects.

The translucent membrane has been designed to act as a light diffuser and will transmit up to 75% of light. Any light source can be used behind the translucent membrane whether it is natural day light, LED or fluorescents. As the material is available in several translucent finishes it means that daylight or mood light effects can be achieved.

A Stretch Ceiling is designed to be as maintenance free as possible. However, if frequent access to your lighting is required then panels can be easily removed from the tracking system or, alternatively, a complete demountable lightbox solution can be incorporated.

Monolithic Lighting

The perfect blend of light and stretch diffuser

The Stretch material offers a fantastic opportunity to create evenly illuminated, cool and clean or loud and colourful architectural luminaires, ideal for refurbishments and new builds alike. Our experience and product knowledge gives us a unique insight into the optimum lighting systems compatible with our Stretch diffuser materials.

Complete LED Luminaire Package

We install our own tried and tested QuadLink LED System as well as products from leading manufacturers including Osram, Philips and Tridonic with variable colour technology.

Our flexible daisy chain advanced LED modular system provides energy efficiency, long life, and reliability. The complete stretch and lighting system can be installed quickly on site following pre-assembly to size and testing in our workshop.

The QuadLink system is available in Warm White (2700K), Natural White (4000K), Daylight White (6500K), Tunable White (2700-6500K) and RGB, made exclusively for us and available from stock.


Stretch Ceiling System

Made to measure, bespoke to your design

Accessible lightweight and recyclable

Demountable frame option

Create shapes and forms

Even illumination with up to 75% light transmission

B-s1,d0 rated, equivalent to Class ‘O’ fire classification

Track systems made in the UK

Family business since 1988

Quick & clean installation

Quality assured to ISO 9001

Large directly employed labour force

Experienced StretchAid aftercare

Quadlink LED System

4 point LED modules

1.44 W per module, 12v DC

137 Lumens per module

Luminous efficacy: 85 lm/W

38 x 38 x 10mm per module, 160° angle

Reliable epistar LEDs

IP65 rated

50,000 hours

CE/RoHS certified

DALI/DSI + mains dimming compatibility available

Simple handheld or Wi-Fi controllable options

Adhesive applicators plus mechanical fix

SOLOLINK shallow void 70mm-100mm modules now available

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