Stretch Ceilings are proud to announce our pioneering Non PVC Stretch Ceilings range.

Although PVC is one of the most investigated building materials available and the Stretch Ceilings PVC life cycle analysis can perform extremely well when compared to other ceiling products, a Non PVC option may still be preferred.

Our Non PVC Stretch Ceilings range offers unique opportunities to Architects and Specifiers where classic PVC Stretch Ceilings may not be an option.

The Stretch Ceilings Non PVC Textiles range is based around three core products with printed and anti-bacterial hygienic options. The ‘fit once’ fabric consists of polyester, with a special polyurethane coating.  The system comprises two parts, the first being perimeter and intermediate supporting tracks to suspend the fabric, and the second being the fabric itself.

Our Non-PVC Textile option offers the same diverse opportunities as normal Stretch Ceilings. You can create flat or curved ceilings, shaped features, back lighting, and image print any colour or design artwork to your ceiling.


  • Rapid and flexible installation, no hot works permit required
  • Ceiling tailored to fit at install, eliminates timely surveying
  • Large 5m roll width gives bigger panel areas reducing joins and seams
  • Minimal installation materials and background systems required
  • Extremely minimal energy required for shipping and installation
  • Long service life
  • Acoustic and light reflectance improvements
  • Quick and simple disposal


  • Environmentally friendly
  • PVC-free raw materials
  • Panel sizes up to 60sqm available
  • Energy efficient production methods
  • Reduced packaging volumes
  • Lightweight
  • Virtually no waste on-site
  • Fully recyclable
  • No ongoing treatments or decoration required
  • Anti-bacterial, hygienic treatments available
  • Flawless finish

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