Creating the Ideal Environment

Stretch Ceilings allow you to make a stunning visual impact to complement all types of swimming pool and spa environments, including Domestic Pools, Private Health Clubs, and Local Authority Leisure Centres.

The Stretch Ceiling system is ideally suited to pools, spas and steam rooms as the material is unaffected by moisture, chlorine, sulphur and other corrosive atmospheres.

The sheet material is pre-finished and waterproof and will provide a barrier ensuring that no corrosive vapours pass through the ceiling into the void and steelwork above. (Vapour Tested BS 3177).

Stretch Ceilings are versatile and practical. The material does not require any decoration or maintenance and is guaranteed for 12 years. They are 100% recyclable, hygienic and nontoxic. Stretch Ceilings also offer excellent acoustic properties which help deal with noise reverberation problems that can often occur in pool environments. The material can adapt to any requirements and can be installed to within 23mm of existing soffit or ceiling, making it ideal for speedy renovations (see below example).

Renovation Example

Kettering Leisure Centre Swimming Pool, Northamptonshire.



Practical & Versatile

The system is able to cover up to 50 sqm in one sheet, although with the use of the intermediate joining rail you can easily cover thousands of square metres. The total swimming pool hall can therefore be provided with a practical and functional ceiling system, with a minimal background support, unnecessary weight, joints or disruption.

Stretch Ceilings can accommodate most types of fittings and fixtures such as down lighters, grilles, sprinklers, smoke detectors and even for an added dimension Fibre Optic Lighting can be applied to the system whilst keeping the water impermeable surface intact.

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Award Winning Pools

We have been members and active supporters of the Swimming Pool and Allied Trade Association, (SPATA) for many years and have been involved in numerous prestigious award winning pool projects.

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