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Technical Information


Ceiling sheet thickness is a nominal 0.2mm and manufactured in roll form with ultrasonic flush welded joints starting at approx. 1.5m centres, for printed panels the seam welding will be on the underside. Plastic track can be heat bent to match curved profiles. Optional aluminium track is anodised to 20 microns with a serrated type available to create curved profiles or to form three-dimensional shapes, domes and vaults.

Maximum Recommended Square Metre Size Per Sheet

Matt – 50 sq. m / Satin – 50 sq. m / Lacquer – 50 sq. m / Translucent – 50 sq. m

Weight per sq. m

Matt/Translucent – 0.18kg / Satin – 0.17kg / Lacquer 0.17kg

Acoustic Properties ISO 354:2003 – 100mm VOID

Absorption coefficients guide for typical installation using stretched materials with minimum 40mm insulation above.

Acoustic Micro-Perforated 250,000 holes / per sq. m

NRC – 0.90 AlphaW – 0.75

Thermal Emission Factor NH/PTH

Matt – 0.16 / Satin 0.16 / Lacquer – 0.15

Thermal Emission Factor ESPIL

Matt 0.84 / Satin 0.84 / Lacquer – 0.85


Typical average for Lacquer – 4.10 at 11ohms

Light reflectance and transmission

(Colour/Finish – Reflectance % / Transmission %)

White Lacquer – 78.8% / 9.6%

White Matt – 81% / 9.8%

Translucent – 39.2% / 74.9%

Fire Rating

Awarded Euro classification to: EN13501-1, Rating: B-s1,d0 , UK Equivalent to Class ‘O’ designation for building regulations.

Vapour Barrier

Stretch has gained awards from the Swimming Pool and Allied Trades Association – Water Vapour Permeability Tested to BS 3177

Hygiene Typical Microbiological Trial

14 Days – chlorinated solution wipe after 7 days – inoculated Bacterium – E.Coli, Listeria, Salmonella, Yeast, Mould – NONE DETECTED.


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